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Kelpie Sire's

Lyrahpark Beau

WKC registration number: A2M-23584-13
Red and Tan | 8/3/2013
Sire: Lyrahpark Barley (S/Bred Squirt x S/Bred Harry)
Dam: Yanven Moss (Yanven Cyclone x Yanven Maggie)

Beau shows traits off both his parents

He shows lots of eye and has little bark and a little bite

He will back confidently

He covers and holds a mob well in the yards

In the paddock beau works out well and shows lots of eye, will move in if he needs to be but likes to hold up

In the middle of 2014 Beau broke his leg at work and had it amputated, he still works just as well without it, can still easily jump fences, back sheep and jump onto the ute.

Lyrahpark Buddy

WKC registration number: 65328 
Black and Tan | 1/10/2018
Sire: Doolans Jack (Boanong Lashes x Tumutvalley Jet)
Dam: Barru Madge (Karrawarra Boozer x Karrawarra Tess)

Buddy works well in the yards and is up and coming in the paddock

He loves to back, backs larges pens, in the shed and up the race

Buddy has no bark or bite

He is a loyal and friendly dog and gets along with all other dogs

He covers and holds mobs well

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