Welcome to Lyrahpark Stud 

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Lyrahpark Collars, Leads, Halters, Bridles and more!

To suit dogs, horses, sheep, cattle and alpacas!

Our range is not limited to what is displayed here please contact us if you have a different idea.

All products can be made in any sized PVC coated nylon material from 10mm to 65mm but generally we use the 16mm, 20mm or 25mm.

Collars come in 3 standard sizes, which includes the standard at 25mm by 54cm long, the medium at 20mm by 44cm long and the small at 16mm wide and 44cm long.

There is 13 available colours to choose from, please scroll down to view these colours.

Leads can be made to any length you would like with either a brass snaphook or a quick release latch at one end and a nice sized loop at the other for easy walking.

Halters can be made in any size you would like, we use strong brass buckles and 2 piece rivets on all our products.

Bridles are made for easy use and long lasting reliable product!  We specifically use all strong brass rings on our products also.

We have a guarantee on our products that they will not break, if for some unpredicted reason our rivets fail we will fix the item by replacing the broken rivets free of charge. The material is very durable and will not tear or break.

Postage is available at extra cost

We also make belts for people too. These can be made at any length in PVC coated nylon.

As a guide here are our prices:

Mens and Womens Belts        any size and length       $25

Small collar                             16mm x 44cm                $10

Medium collar                          20mm x 44cm               $12

Standard collar                        25mm x 54cm               $15

Ute ties                                    50cm                             $15

Lead with snap hook               20 or 25mm at 1.5m      $15

Lead with quick release          20 or 25mm at 1.5m      $20

Horse halter PVC                    any size                         $30

Horse halter rope                    any size                         $15

Horse bridle                            any size                         $30

Alpaca halter                          one size fits most           $30

Sheep and Ram halter           one size fits most           $30

Cow halter                              one size fits most           $30

Saddle grips                           16mm x 30cm                $12

Driving reins                           25mm x 5m                    $60

Leg straps                              32mm x 1.5m                 $20

Stirrup straps                          25mm x 1.5m                $30

Show brow bands (plain)       sizes made to fit             $10

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