Welcome to Lyrahpark Stud 

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Breeding loyal, smart and dedicated working kelpies

Lyrahpark is owned and run by Katelynn Clark on her family farm.

With our kelpies our aim is to breed loyal, smart and dedicated working dogs.

On top of this we like to breed dogs that can think and work for themselves, our dogs have a calm and well mannered temperament.

Our dogs are a very high asset to our life. From working hard all day long to still being by our side at the end of week looking longing up at us, they fill me with the joy and commitment to complete the jobs we do.

They all are a part of a great team that all dogs can either work together or work by themselves to get jobs done such as droving, mustering (from flat open plain, hilly country to thick scrub), truck, yard and shed work, pushing up sheep on a crutching trailer, VE machines, sheep handling machine or drenching race.

We sell our dogs to all over Australia and also exported worldwide.

Our dogs are bred and proven to work sheep, cattle, goats, alpacas, ducks and chickens.

All joining's are joining's that we feel the right type of working dog could be bred from.

Katelynn is a registered member and breeder of the Working Kelpie Council since June 2011

We send our thanks out to those who have helped Lyrahpark become who we are today!

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